Best Homemade Pizza

Have you guys heard of that Japanese game show where they lock people in a room and whoever finds the piece of furniture made of chocolate first, wins? For real. Contestants have to go around biting chairs and door handles.

I’m sure they’d never let toddlers onto the show, but if they did I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Edison would destroy all contenders. I have the bite marks to prove it!! Little monster!

Are you a pizza person? (Is there a person who is not a pizza person?) We do pizza every Friday at our house! We usually make it right here at home. (not always. Sometimes you just need to order pizza, amiright?) I’ve been making homemade pizza for years and years, and have lots of tips and tricks to share.

Today’s post is part of a 3-part series! First I shared my recipe for Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce. Then I posted about Pizza Dough and everything you need to know to get the perfect crust. Today we are putting it all together to make the best homemade pizza! Way more tasty than eating (chocolate?) freckles.

Tips for making homemade pizza:

Here are the basics. I go into LOTS of detail in the post below, (and in my two sister posts, Pizza Sauce and Pizza Dough), so keep reading for more info.

  • Use a homemade dough with lots of flavor. I will bore your brains out about how to achieve this in my Pizza Dough post.
  • Use a decent Pizza Sauce (here’s my recipe)
  • Preheat your oven at least 30 minutes. Yes, really, set a timer. I don’t care when your oven beeps to let you know it’s reached the right temperature. Wait 30 minutes.
  • Par bake your pizza crust to make sure your pizza has a crisp bottom and a cooked center
  • Use a pizza stone for crisp edges. Sorry, this is kind of nonnegotiable. Your oven sucks at pizza making. You need a hack.

How to make Homemade Pizza – Step by Step

The best part about pizza is that it is actually pretty quick if you have everything ready to go. I’m going to share my exact method for baking pizza that I have been using for about 10 years now. It’s tried and tested, and results in delicious, crispy-edged, perfectly cheesy pizza every time.