Old chairs are a junk lovers’ dream. Whether you find them on the side of the road, at a thrift store, or maybe in your own garage – a simple thing we use every single day can be transformed into so many other great things. So next time you have a broken chair, don’t send it to the landfill – repurpose old chairs into something useful and fun for your home instead!

Windchimes made from a repurposed chair

Have some old chair spindles? Use a few of them to create this pretty wind chime from Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Beautiful ornaments made from spindles off of old chairs!

Another great use for spindles off of old chairs – turn them into ornaments like this great idea from Deb’s Design Diary!

pretty little three tiered stand made from an old chair legTake an old chair leg and turn it into a pretty display piece with this idea from Knick of Time for a three tiered stand.
What a great idea for repurposing old chairs - a swing made from old broken chairs.

Have a chair (or three) with missing legs? Add a couple of 2x4s and some rope to create a unique porch swing!

Wonderful ways to repurpose old chairs: make a swing from a broken rocking chair

Need a single person swing instead? This one was made from an old rocking chair!

So many great ideas on ways to use old chairs - love this shelf idea!

Don’t you hate it when the seat cracks on a chair? Turn it into a pretty shelf like this one from Shabby Story.

isn't this the cutest? a dog bed made from an old chair!

Give your little pet-friend a soft place to land by turning an old chair into a cute little dog bed (via BHG)

what a great idea for an old chair - dog bowl chairs (perfect for bigger dogs!)

Want to pamper your pet a little more? Make them these dog bowls from old chairs via DIY Village.

This is such a cute idea - a kid's play kitchen from an old chair!

Make the kiddos in your life a little kitchen by using a broken chair like this one from IkeaHackers.

So many great ideas for ways to reuse old chairs - definitely trying the last one!So the next time you see an old, broken chair – don’t pass it by. Take it home and show it a little love and a whole new life with one of these great ideas!

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