Women Should Know About The “Morning Secret” All Men Have

Maybe for some women is not a secret that all men get an erection in the morning. But there are some things they don’t know and men don’t always share with their loved ones. But this morning surprise is something normal and it doesn’t mean that men think about sex all the time.

We all know that men think about sex all the time. They don’t care about the time or the place. This is proved by the morning erection they all have.

Waking up and getting ready for work can be difficult and we all have our own rituals in the morning. It has been proven by experts that the cause of the erection is the man himself. It can appear even if they don’t think about sex. Some erections disappear after they pee.

It is caused only by the brain. The man’s hormone is produced 25-50% in the morning.

The penis is stimulated by touch. For it to function properly, it needs less stress and good sleep. Men have 4-5 erections during the night, that at last to 25 minutes. If a man gets morning erections 3 times a week, is a sign of good production of testosterone. It’s normal to get an erection in the morning and no men is ashamed about it.

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