What Will Happen To Your Body If You Do Not Have Intimate Relationships For 7 Days

For many of us, intimate relationships are just a moment of pleasure but in fact, this is not just that. If you will fully read this article you will discover that sex has some amazing health benefits that you weren’t aware of in the past.

Just like walking or jogging, if you stop doing this you will lose all the benefits, and in this case, the abstinence can have serious consequences on your health.  You have to know that, if you do not have intimate relationships for 7 days you may have to face some several health problems.

  • Stress

By having intimate relationships with your partner you can reduce your stress level and improve your brain performance. If you will stop doing this, you will lose the chance to reduce your stress level.

  • Low self esteem

If you have good sex, you will feel more loved. Sex can make you feel more beautiful, stronger and better about yourself and this is because of the hormones that are released during the sex.

  • Heart diseases

Not having intimate relationships for a long period can cause some serious heart diseases. According to a 2007 study, not having sex for 7 days or more will increase the risk of developing heart problems. In this study were examined two categories of couples, and the scientist found out that the couple who had more sex were less likely exposed to develop any heart diseases.

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