WATCH – SEAL Shreds Islam and Obama – Then THROWS the Koran in Under 1 Minute

Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith attended the South Carolina TEA Party Coalition Convention.

He made a bold statement against the Islam questions by throwing the Koran on the ground without saying one word.


However, before he made his move, he gave some pretty good statements.

Reportedly, Smith categorized former President Barack Obama as a meddling Marxist. He claimed that Obama got through the years in the White House with “all the fixings of Socialism and Communism, but with a heavy strain of Islam, as well.”

Smith believes that Obama was influenced by the Muslims in America. According to him, the meetings between the King of Saudi Arabia and Obama were proving that he was “whipped” by Islamic extremists.

Furthermore, he claimed that Obama helped the middle east by financing their nuclear weapons programs. Smith also believes that Barack Obama made a deal with the mullahs from Iran. This means a lot because it comes from a NAVY seal – member of the U.S. Military. His speech shows that Obama didn’t care about his own nation but made deals which threatened our country.

Smith explained: “What if [Obama] and his administration are intent on killing the American Dream, by giving it away, surrendering it, or funding the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring to form the Caliphate that is coming?…All the Muslim countries say ‘Death to America.’ We’re the big Satan. Now we’re funding them and giving them weapons? Is that not treason?”

“Islam is at war with you! Realize that there are over a billion people every single day that put their face down and their ass up and pray…five times a day, with all of their soul, that the world goes to Islam by conducting jihad,” said the NAVY Seal whose opinion is very important.

Almost every policy that Obama signed was against the good of the country. Everytime that he made a decision, he had put America in a bigger danger every time and now President Trump has the toughest task – to reverse the damage from the previous administration. Our hope and support are with him.

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