Washington Is Going To FREAK When They See What Trump Just Unveiled This Morning

President Trump continues with the great work.

He is changing this country for the better.

The Democrats are gonna hate this.


According to our source Liberty Writers, President Donald Trump is going to lay out his 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan this week. The money will be used to update roads, waterways, bridges, railways and the air control system. This is definitely needed considering our infrastructure.

The best part of it all is that, President Donald Trump will try to finance this projects with state and city tax money, a combination of private industry and borrow money for the rest. This means that the Federal Government will not have to fully finance the large projects. This will also going to create new jobs.

In an interview this Friday, the director of the National Economic Council and infrastructure adviser, Gary Cohn stated:

“We like the template of not using taxpayer dollars to give taxpayers wins,”

Exactly! Only the Democrats are happy when they are spending other people’s money. And I am sure they are not going to like this plan.

Mr Cohn also revealed that President Trump is plans to make the air control system a private, non profit organization, and that the land-based radar will be changed with digital satellite-based tracking systems. The government is not going to pay for it because this will be financed by a newly formed corporation.

This is the best part about having a president who has a great experience with building and developing. As President Trump promised, he is using his previous gained experience to update the poor U.S. infrastructure. On Wednesday the President is going to give a speech about the infrastructure in the U.S.

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