Washing in Style: 25+ Great Ideas for Modern Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Ideas – Outside the washing machine and dryer, laundry room cabinets are the most important features in the laundry room. They provide a perfect storage place for laundry products, towels, and cleaning tools. Depending on the home interior, laundry cabinets can even serve as practical decorative elements.

A laundry room is an extension of your house’s interior. The cabinet can reflect your favorite design, especially if the room is multipurpose. It may be an extension of the mudroom or transitional space that connects to other rooms.

You may have any cabinet design you want, but consider several factors, such as:

  • Maximum space utilization

A small laundry room can benefit from space utilization. Use the walls and the back of the door as additional storage space.

  • Good sorting system

Divide laundry cabinets into spaces to sort your things, such as cleaning and washing products, towels, temporary place for folded clothes, brushes, and other household tools. Sorting system will make the laundry room neater.

  • Provide natural lighting

Natural lighting not only provides warmth and visibility but also reduces mold risk. Just make sure to not putting chemical products right in the direction of light, especially if your laundry room cabinets have open shelves.

Here are some great ideas for modern cabinets you can try.

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Laundry Room Cabinets Ideas

A laundry room does not have to be that dull, dull location where you just go to toss unclean socks and tee shirts. If you’re looking for design ideas to embellish the ideal laundry room, the list listed below ought to be of terrific assistance.

Whether it’s a closet or a whole room, doing the laundry can be the most dreadful job inside the house. And these 40 laundry room cabinets will make this task so much simpler on you!

1. Sweet, Elegant Laundry Room

Laundry room cabinets

Combine white and grey to create an elegant laundry room. Use patterned marble as backsplash and countertop, and pair them with white cabinets. Pair them with the light wooden floor. Soft grey walls create a relaxing vibe, and the white shelves cut through the dullness.

2. Cabinets with Cubbies

Laundry room cabinets

Cubbies provide practical storage space because of their compartments. You can install floor cubbies to cover the washing machine and dryer, which gives extra space on the top for folding clothes. Add similar floor cabinet with doors beside the machines for extra storage space.

3. White Cabinets with Weathered Wood Backsplash

Laundry room cabinets

White cabinets for laundry room are “safe” options, but you can improve them with weathered wood backsplash. Flank your washing machine and dryer with two tall cabinets. Install backsplash made from weathered wood planks. They look great together with beige tile floor and white walls.

4. Mixed-Style Laundry Room with Multiple Cabinets

Laundry room cabinets

If you have many people at home, multiple cabinets are good to save space. Create a cubby-style cabinet to hold two washing machines and dryers. Install low floor cabinets to store all the household products and laundry baskets. Subway brick backsplash, muted vinyl floor, and patterned curtains will add some zest to the room.

5. Camel-colored Laundry Cabinets

Laundry room cabinets

Light sandy brown (“camel”) is great to create a welcoming atmosphere in a laundry room. The color is neutral but warm, convenient for a remodeling project. Ivory walls, white floor and door frame, and warm countertop light complement the look.

6. White Laundry Cabinets with Open Shelves

Laundry room cabinets

If you have woven storage baskets, white cabinets with open shelves are perfect to display them. This is also great if you have unconventional washing machine color. Slate-colored tiles and backsplash complement the entire look. If the laundry room is small, you can install corner cabinets.

7. Wood-dominated Laundry Room

Laundry room cabinets

Wooden cabinets look great with light brown walls and stone backsplash. Wooden floor completes the entire look. This design also balances stainless sink, washing machine, and dryer well. You can create open shelves to arrange towels based on colors.

8. Contemporary Laundry Cabinet with Various Storage Styles

Laundry room cabinets

Have very little space for laundry? Combine several storage styles into one snug laundry spot. You can install floating cabinets with “L” shape. The top part of the cabinet is covered, while the rest consists of the hanging rack, open shelves, retractable baskets, and drawers.

9. Classic, Pastel-colored Laundry Room

Laundry room cabinets

Combining pastel colors with classic style is a great way to create a warm atmosphere. Soft walls and backsplash look amazing with classic light-colored cabinets. Marble countertop and sink complement the elegant look. Use open shelves to display laundry baskets.

10. Light Turquoise Laundry Room with White Cabinets

Laundry room cabinets

Light Turquoise is a unique twist in a room usually associated with cleaning. White cabinets and washing machine are the perfect matches for this unusual wall color. Pair them with washed stone tiles that have a neutral color, such as beige.

11. Vintage Laundry Room with Basket Racks

laundry cabinets

Basket racks are cheaper than cabinets, and metal racks are perfect for a vintage laundry room. Use woven baskets with different sizes to adorn all parts of the racks. Install a few wall shelves to save space. Pair them with an ivory-colored hanging rack, and white wooden planks for the walls and floor.

12. Colorful, Multipurpose Laundry Space

home depot laundry cabinets

Dedicate a corner of your home for laundry by utilizing wall shelves and corner cabinet. You can “open” a part of the wall, but instead of making an enclosed cabinet, create a space for a tall rack. Add a low partition and floor mat. Decorate the walls with colorful wall arts.

13. Laundry-and-Mud Room Combo in Grey

laundry cabinets

Joining the laundry and mud room is a common solution for a small house. Installing wall cabinets with open shelves and seat is a nice way to organize your things. Put your washing machine and dryer in the space under the floating cabinets. Soft grey is a nice neutral shade for the cabinet, paired with dark tile floor.

14. Stainless Steel Cabinets with Blue Backsplash

laundry cabinets

If you have stainless washing machine and dryer, install stainless cabinets with the similar countertop. This full-stainless set will create a sleek, modern look in your laundry room. To soften the look, install blue ceramic backsplash behind the structure.

15. Baskets in Floor Laundry Room Cabinets

home depot laundry cabinets

Improve your floor cabinets by opting for open style and insert several identical storage baskets. If you have a small laundry room, install corner cabinet that extends to both walls. You can put the sink on the corner, further utilizing even the most awkward space.

16. Dreamlike Laundry Space in Stylish Kitchen

laundry cabinets

Combine your laundry space with a kitchen in a stylish way. Dark washing machine looks great with black cabinets. Use light wood for countertop and table surface to balance the darkness. Install black-and-white tiles on the floor.

17. Traditional, Spacious Laundry Room

home depot laundry cabinets

If you have a large space for the laundry room, you have the freedom to install wall cabinets with overhead spaces and shelves. Place your washing machine and dryer under the overhead cabinet. Wood cabinets and floor provide rustic, traditional look for a warm atmosphere.

18. Elegant, Black-and-White Laundry Room

home depot laundry cabinets

Make your laundry room stylish by installing black cabinets and countertops. Choose black washing machine and dryer to complement the look. Install white floor tile and mosaic backsplash to cut through the dark color. Add a metal rod to hang clothes.

19. Sand-and-White Laundry Room

laundry cabinets

White laundry cabinets with sand-colored walls create a warm, retro-style laundry room. Placing washing machine and dryer under the overhead cabinet is a great option for the top-load model. Add a white chair, several baskets, beige carpet, and coat hanger to create a welcoming space.

20. Blue Laundry Room with Hidden Washing Machine

home depot laundry cabinets

Pair light blue color with rustic wood accents and warm lights to create a stylish laundry room. A wall-to-ceiling blue cabinet reveals front-load washing machine and dryer. You can add modern artworks to improve the room further. Metal laundry basket, brown carpet, and lamps with warm glow make the room more than just a common laundry space.

21. Blue-Grey Cabinets and Backsplash

laundry room ideas

Go bold by installing blue-grey overhead cabinets with a tile backsplash that has a similar color. You can pair them with stainless washing machine and dryer, so the surfaces reflect the color and create continuity. Install light-colored wooden floor and walls to balance the blue-grey shade.

22. “Rustic Cabin” Laundry Room

laundry room ideas

Pairing rustic cabinets with stone tile floor and the vintage chandelier is a nice way to create “rustic cabin” laundry room. Combine enclosed cabinets with hanging racks and open shelves. Add a wooden bench for the seat instead of a regular chair.

23. Sleek, Minimalist Laundry Room

laundry room ideas

Scandinavian-style laundry room uses a lot of white in a minimalist way, such as on the cabinets, countertop, table, and walls. Cut through the whiteness with stainless washing machine and grey tile floor. A wide window provides natural light and brightness.

24. Elegant, nature-influenced laundry room

laundry room ideas

If nature surrounds your home, install a large window in the laundry room to create natural “painting” in it. Add nature elements, such as small potted plants and simple flower paintings. Wooden cabinets and floor create a nice combination in a room that is usually “boring”.

25. Laundry Room with L-shaped Cabinets

laundry room ideas

L-shaped cabinets are great for a small laundry room because they can utilize corner space. If you want to choose traditional-looking cabinets and room design, but still want decorative accents, use accessories that will not clutter the room. Printed floor mat, mosaic backsplash, and potted plant are simple but great decorations.

If you plan to remodel your home after several years, make sure to choose laundry room design that will be easy to revamp. Neutral-colored walls and high-quality flooring are the best bets for future remodeling plan.

A laundry room can be cozy and beautiful, just like any other rooms in your house. Make sure to plan the placement and design of laundry room cabinets, so you can utilize every inch of space effectively.

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