VIDEO: Antifa Thug Assaults and Drags Older Woman Holding American Flag, But She Wasn’t About to Retreat!

A woman attending Saturday’s “Boston Free Speech Rally” in the downtown city park Boston Common was assaulted by an Antifa thug while holding up an American flag.

The incident was caught on video and the man is seen grabbing the flag the woman was holding and running with it, dragging her behind as she held on. She eventually falls, but maintains possession of Old Glory.

Antifa was on hand, along with other counter-protesters in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville last week — they were there in large part because the media tagged Saturday’s event as a “right-wing rally.”

The incredible thing about the flag grabbing incident is that the woman didn’t beat a hasty retreat. Not in the city where the seeds of the American Revolution were sown

The woman gets back up and charges into a large group of Antifa thugs looking for her assailant!

(It’s remarkable that the police allow dozens of ne’er-do-wells to walk around a public park wearing masks like the common criminals many of them likely are.)

Of course one masked thug looks like the next and she is eventually pulled out of the crowd by a man who appeared to be with her.