Turn an old pair of wedges into a fresh pair of espadrilles with twine.


Materials + Tools:

– various types of shoes

– various thickness of rope or twine

– hot glue gun

– scissors



1. Lay down a large chunk of hot glue on the sole of your shoe and attach your rope. Hold in place to make sure it’s really secure.

2. Keep laying down hot glue and wrapping the rope as you go along.

3. Trim the end of the rope and secure to the shoe.


This rope is pretty heavy duty and requires a decent amount of hot glue to hold it down.


Place hot glue along the shoe and wrap the rope following the curves of the sole.


Make sure you lay the rope right next to the previous row. You will not want gaps in your new espadrilles.


Once you get to a point where you can’t complete full wraps any longer, trim the rope and secure in place with a decent amount of hot glue.


To finish off the heel, you will need to cut individual lengths of rope and secure in place.


Your chunky heels are now ready for summertime.


Our feet will forever love the wedge. <3 <3


Time for some flat sandals! Grab a pair of your old Birkenstocks and give them a brand new life. We chose a lighter colored rope for these summertime sandals.


If you don’t have any old shoes that you are willing to DIY, head to a thrift store or a place where you can find affordable accessories on the cheap, like Forever 21.


Our feet love the wedge, but let’s be real – there is nothing better than a flat sandal.


Do your sneakers have some scuffs all over the soles? Update them with some thin twine. These sneaks are now boating ready.


Pair these high top espadrilles with some cute jean cut-offs and a white cut-out tee.


It’s safe to say the Brit girls are ready for some summertime action.


Yea or Nay – color blocking sections of the rope on your espadrilles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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