Trump Reverses Obama’s Favorite Ban On Selling Plastic Bottles In National Parks

President Trump stepped out with another major announcement in regards to Obama’s beloved legacy, informing that one ban Obama placed in his time, has now been reversed. The ban was in regards to the sale of disposable water bottles at National Parks, according to the Interior Department.

“While we will continue to encourage the use of free water bottle filling stations as appropriate, ultimately it should be up to our visitors to decide how best to keep themselves and their families hydrated during a visit to a national park, particularly during hot summer visitation periods,” Acting National Park Service (NPS) Director Michael Reynolds stated.

In his era, Obama allowed park employees to decide whether to ban water bottle sales at National Parks or not, and enabled the sale of soft drinks and juices at the same time.

The main purpose of this was to diminish sales of plastic bottles across the park.

Out of 417 parks, a total of 23 went through with this in the end, including Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Mount Rushmore.

Investments for building new water filling stations in particular zones, cost the Park Service thousands of dollars, and don’t get me started on the lost revenues.

Taxpayers unwillingly gave $288,900 for building ten water stations at the Grand Canyon, while paying another $447,200 for building three Zion stations.

This is money flushed down the drain. (no pun intended)

Ex-NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis also supported the money-in-vain issue, saying the ban would not positively affect people who enjoy long walks and actually have serious health problems.

Nevertheless, the Park employees still advise people to be sensitive to the recycling issue, and ask them to kindly recycle bottles.

Do you support Donald Trump’s move?