HE DID IT! Trump Just Gave Sheriff Clarke the Best Job of His Life!

It’s a well known fact that President Trump takes constant care for his people.

Meet David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff and loyal supporter of our president.


President Trump did the one thing that will change this man’s life for the better! Check it out!

Ever since Donald decided to enter the race for president, David Clarke has been his loyal supporter as well as friend. He has been his a Trump support ever since he realized some of Trump’s standings, one of which Sheriff Clarke connected with the most. That is to obey and serve the law as it will serve you, punish the ones who break it and lower the crime rate by any means necessary.

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According to Politico President Trump has made a decision to add Sheriff Clarke to the Trump administration! What good news. It warms my heart to see people like David finally get what they deserve. He has proven himself so much these past years as the Sheriff of Milwaukee and as a good and close friend to our president. It’s time to do the same for America. It’s time for him to get the respect as well as appreciation he earned a long time ago! You can see the best of Clarke in the video down below!

“Clarke is in line to be appointed as assistant secretary at Department of Homeland Security’ Office of Partnership and Engagement, which coordinates outreach to state, local and tribal officials and law enforcement,” states Politico. Well deserved Clarke, well deserved!

With this, criminals that are walking on the streets free are going to stop and think a bit. There’s a new “sheriff” in town. Literally! The time when Barrack Obama tried to turn the country against the police, embrace police bashing and allowed the criminals to get away with almost anything is over! America will be great again!

God bless America and the American people!

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