Should Trump Eliminate Welfare For Illegal Immigrants? Here Is What 62% Of Americans Think

Despite the liberals constantly pushing their no-borders agenda, apparently, most of the Americans are still aware of the reality.


The mainstream media constantly tries to show everyone that a lot of people are in favor of the immigration policies. But the reality and the data is way different.

The “nation of immigrants” phrase is regularly rejected as a broad argument. But actually, it is a silly and irrelevant comment being misused ad nauseam.

The polls show that the US citizens are more supportive of Trump’s policies.

According to Breitbart, the latest Rasmussen poll reveals that 62 percent of possible voters expressed their support towards stopping more immigrants in the USA from getting welfare advantages during the first five years, a policy suggested by President Trump.

People who are likely to support the prohibition, 72% of them more precisely, are citizens from the middle class, earning from $30,000 to $50,000. Even the ones who say that they are “moderates” are in favor at 61%.

According to the poll, Americans want immigration only if the people are able and want to work without waiting for donations.

This is the truth about the US people and their real opinion on the immigration issue. But of course, the liberal media will never report on it. They rather try to sell cheap stories all of the time, mostly the “nation of immigrants’ one. That is their only reason for things not to change forever. If a specific thing had been done a specific way in the past, first, it does not mean that way was the best, second, it does not imply that thing should never be changed again.

For a long time, the US immigration practice is out of order. From the problems the Americans are facing on daily basis, it is as clear as a day that we do not need more people to take care of.

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