My children, Eleanor in particular, have an obsession with rocks. Their obsession is driving my husband crazy, because we have rocks sprawled all over our yard. I have a few rock crafts up my sleeve though.


I have had these Elmer’s Painters pens for years. I originally got them for a campaign way back when and have completed quite a few crafts with them. I’ll share those projects at the bottom of the post. The rocks were gathered by my children at the beach. You technically only need nine, but a few extra never hurt. The burlap bag was actually part of a crafty prize package that I won years ago and I finally found the perfect use for it.

If you are looking to make this, you can find similar burlap bags and the painters pens here.


I used the Painter’s pen to put X’s on one side of the rock and O’s on the other side. I used my black Painter’s pen to make the tic-tac-toe board on the burlap bag. Now the bag totes the rocks and is the playing board.



I think I might keep these in my purse–perfect for keeping the kids busy at restaurants. I also couldn’t help but think that they would make great party favors or the cutest little handmade gift.


Now you can grab this printable at the bottom of the post, if you would like to use them for just that!


In the past I used the Painters pens to create this embroidery hoop art and these fun Fourth of July flip flops.

Embroidery Hoop Art

Elmer's Painters Pens Flip Flops


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