The Key to Outrageously Stylish Homes Might Just Be In Your Doors

Style is found in the details, and it’s often the discreet elements in a room that upgrade it from “lovely” to “wow-worthy.” It’s the stack of books found on the fireplace mantle, the mushroom-shaped salt and pepper shakers, the paintings tucked away onto bookshelves — they’re small details, but once placed just-so, they completely change the space. That’s what painted interior doors do, too. While doors often aren’t thought about much in a room, once you paint them they completely transform the whole space. Ahead are nine examples of outrageously stylish doors (and doorways) that are complete game-changers for the rooms they grace.

(Image credit: Classy Clutter)

Pep up drab spaces with peppy colors

It’s hard to make a laundry room feel stylish, but by painting the door a happy color (like the pretty pink Classy Clutter chose), you get one step closer to that goal.

(Image credit: Rain on a Tin Roof)

Add drama to closet doors

With a little help from painting tape, you can easily add an intense amount of style to boring white closet doors. The geometric design adds an instant visual update to the room, and looks so much chicer than just a drab wooden door. Check out the tutorial from Rain on a Tin Roof of the doors pictured here.

(Image credit: Tretoen)

Go renter-friendly

If you can’t paint any doors in your rented space then don’t worry — you can also add some flair with the little help of washi tape like Norwegian blogger Tretoen did here. Choose a neon color and outline the patterns in your door or trace out a window ledge.

(Image credit: Elle Norway via A Design Crush)

Get aggressive

If you want to add color, why not go hard with the shade? Rather than tap dancing around soft pinks and dreamy seafoam greens, load up that paint brush with a sunny yellow like these doors from Elle Norway via A Design Crush and watch your room pop with that same kind of energy.

Match your door frame to the next room’s color

To make it look like the color from the next room is pouring out, paint your door frame the same hue. It will look cohesive but also unexpected. This trick works best with brighter, bolder colors, such as the turquoise in this image from Hus & Hem via Desire to Inspire.

(Image credit: Vogue Living)

No door? No problem

Speaking of trim, if you want to add an unexpected pop to your room but have no door to play with, try tackling the inside trim in an eye-popping hue, such as this interior found via Vogue Living.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

Don’t go all the way

If you want just a splash of color but can’t commit yourself to a fully painted door, take a cue from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and try just tagging half of it. The outcome will be creative and geometric, and it brings a whole new personality to the space.

(Image credit: Domicile 37)

Draw on your own patterns

Do you have a plain door but wish you could get a fancier one? Instead of dishing out money for an upgrade, just draw a new outline right on it! Take this simple closet door from Domicile 37 for example; the owner outlined a print with white paint to get the look they were after.

(Image credit: Thistlewood Farms)

Don’t forget your pantry doors

If you’re lucky enough to have pantry doors, give them a coat of chalk paint and then try your hand at some typography or fun food-centric drawings like this image from Thistlewood Farms. If you’re decent at lettering, then adding farmhouse-inspired signs will add a quirky touch to your kitchen.

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