The Best Long Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day

If you take one tip from us, let it be this one…the most important thing on your wedding day is to look and feel like yourself! So if tight pin curls, or a pulled back up-do isn’t your normal look then you really don’t have to do that on your big day. If day to day you wear your hair down and that’s what your fiancé is used too and is what makes you feel comfortable, then this is definitely the look you should rock on your wedding day! Take inspiration from our friends and the best of Instagram’s super stylers with our pick of the best long hair looks for your big day!

Sleek and straight

Sleek styles are making something of a comeback on the brides we have seen this year. The argument against going straight was that you might not feel ‘bridal’ enough, but actually, we have always thought (and said) that the most important thing is to feel like ‘you’! Albeit a finely tuned, gloriously happy version…


Classic Wave

Gorgeous cascading curls – a classic bridal look. If your hair can hold a curl – lucky you! Of course, the best stylists will know exactly how you can keep your curl, regardless of your hair type, but don’t bank on those big and bouncy waves seeing the day – and night – through.


Hollywood Hair

For extra glossy, extra glamorous wedding hair. Award-winning bridal stylist Tracy Pallari says: “Hollywood hair needs to be in tip top condition so it looks glossy and polished. I would use a hot curler set or tong, then comb gently into shape, finishing with a shine spray. A great colour really helps!”


Half up, half down

Braids are the new way to wear this style. Enjoy the ‘done’ look and detail of an up-do, as well as the sexy look of your luscious locks down at the same time.

Hair Stylist Sarah Eccles-Markey says:

“Blondes or multi-tonal hair works best with this style, for that perfect beachy ‘lived-in’ boho look.”


How will you wear your long hair on your wedding day?

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