Surprise! Senate race ratings change in 5 states … to favor Republicans

In light of a steady barrage of attacks on President Donald Trump from the media, coupled with the president’s own missteps, to include his bungling of an otherwise accurate message on Charlottesville, establishment Republicans are worried about potential damage to the GOP brand.

But, much like the 2016 election, traditional expectations are flipped on their head when it comes to Trump.

A new analysis from Cook Political Report out Thursday shows a ratings change in five Senate races.

…all favoring the Republican Party!

The states involved are Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota and West Virginia.

Four of the states are now seen as a “Toss Up, according to the independent online newspaper. North Dakota was downgraded from “Likely D” to “Leans D.”

Based on the reaction on social media, it appears the political class, to include the media, have underestimated the ability of voters to sort through the cacophony of noise — see Fake News — to arrive at their own conclusions.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter: