Ryan Adams Defends Lucifer in Twitter Meltdown Triggered by Chelsea Clinton

Veteran rocker Ryan Adams went on a Twitter tirade late Thursday night against Chelsea Clinton after the former first daughter appeared to compare Confederate statues and monuments to Lucifer.

Injecting herself into the fiery debate over public historic memorials, Clinton took to Twitter and likened Lucifer’s rebellion against God to the Confederacy’s rebellion against the Union.

“The story of Lucifer—who rebelled against God—is part of many Christians’ traditions,” Clinton wrote, adding, “I’ve never been in a church with a Lucifer statue.”

Among those social media users who criticized and offered evidentiary rebuttals to Clinton was Adams, who shot back in a series of bizarre tweets.

“With all due respect and in solidarity with you and anyone that defies all oppression, Lucifer freed us and taught language and love and truth to us,” the Grammy nominated singer began, seemingly defending Lucifer against Clinton’s comparison. “This world and the planet has suffered the oppression of these idols for too long. Lucifer is mentioned once in the Old Testament. As the Sun.”

Adams continued his rant and questioned if Clinton had read the Bible.

“We do not condemn women. They are the goddess. The creator of life,” he wrote. “The Bible is selected text. Have you read the Bible?”

“Sorry not sorry. Free yourself from oppression,” Adams wrote before concluding: “Lucifer, real or not, allowed you to write those words. I am speaking up to say no way.”

Adams’ tweets were met with confusion from most Twitter users who saw them before they were deleted from the singer’s account.

“Oh, it was some incoherent response by Ryan Adams to Chelsea Clinton’s tweet about statues of Lucifer. Made ZERO sense,” one user wrote.

As for Clinton’s original claim she’s “never been in a church with a Lucifer statue,” several social media users offered examples of depictions of Lucifer inside of churches.

Clinton replied to one user who corrected her claim. “Wait most of the cathedrals in New York have at least one depiction of Lucifer. Just saying your brilliant though.”

“Thank you Wesly for the correction, I had missed them clearly & will look when next in each,” Clinton responded. “Still, do any church statues celebrate Lucifer?”