Right After Calling For SICK Attack On Trump, This Democratic Senator Got Handed The Worst News Of Her Life

President Trump has got a long way to go before the swamp is finally drained. Unfortunately for him and his passionate supporters, there are still a very large number of professional politicians who continue to act like angry teenagers.

But a Missouri state senator named Maria Chappelle-Nadal just went so far over the line that her reputation and career simply won’t survive. In a heated back-and-forth on Chappelle-Nedal’s personal Facebook page, the senator loudly and proudly called for the assassination of President Trump.

To make matters worse, the discussion was with a far left-wing activist who claimed to have a cousin in the Secret Service. Chappelle-Nadal tried desperately to delete the threat before it spread, but she soon got smacked with the worst possible news. Not only had the comment been noticed, but it had been picked up by the local St. Louis TV station KMOX. The state senator wasn’t expecting to wake up with her career in serious jeopardy, and the fact that she failed to cover her tracks made the confrontation far more shocking.

But as expected, the guilty Democrat wouldn’t acknowledge her offense, simply stating she made a comment online.

“I put something up on my personal Facebook page and it has now been deleted,” she said.

This response says nothing about a blatant and impassioned call for the death of our President, and Chappelle-Nadal must think that something this serious will just go away. It is our job to make sure this woman is held accountable! There is NO EXCUSE for any violence, especially when it’s directed at the leaders of our beloved nation.

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sources: dailycaller.com