Rex Tillerson Goes Rogue – Makes TERRIFYING Announcement

BREAKING: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just made an announcement about North Korea that has left the entire world stunned.

Tillerson reportedly told “60 Minutes” on Sunday that he is ready to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in an effort to keep the dictator from bombing the United States. Fox News reported that Tillerson said that Kim’s New Year’s boast – that the entire U.S. mainland is within his country’s nuclear strike range – “does make us nervous. It also — it also stiffens our resolve.”

“That kind of a threat to the American people by a regime like this is not acceptable, and the president’s meeting his responsibilities as commander in chief of asking our military — Secretary [Jim] Mattis at the Defense Department — to ensure we are prepared for anything,” Tillerson said.

Tillerson went on to explain that military options are on the table “in case I fail” at a diplomatic solution, and he is working with Chinese officials to avoid a conflict with North Korea. He also said that until Kim is ready to negotiate, the United States will keep pressure on the regime with economic sanctions.

However, he also made it clear that the U.S. is not dangling a carrot to make North Korea talk.

“We’re using large sticks, and that is what they need to understand. This pressure campaign is putting — is having its bite on North Korea, its revenue streams. It’s having a bite on its military programs,” Tillerson said. “Our diplomatic efforts will continue until that first bomb drops. My job is to never have a reason for the first bomb to drop. And we don’t know precisely how much time is left on the clock.”

Tillerson then revealed what he wants the American people to know about their Secretary of State.

“I’m here to serve my country. I committed to this president,” Tillerson said. “My word is my bond. I ride for this brand. That’s why I’m here, and nothing anybody else says is going to change that.”

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