Remodel Your Bathroom to Look Bigger

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about your bathroom is one of the most underrated decorating opportunities in your entire home. And those articles aren’t wrong – your bathroom is, certainly, a huge opportunity to show off your decorating style, and one which far too often goes untapped. That being said, the reason behind your bathroom often being overlooked is all too obvious – it’s your bathroom. The popular mantra behind home décor is to make it an elegant fusion between form and function, and while you can certainly elegantly fuse those elements when it comes to living room sofas or kitchen countertops, how on earth are you going to do that with a toilet and bathtub?


That’s a good question, and one that can be solved, in part, by tackling yet another bathroom decorating problem – how can we make that space look and feel bigger? After all, from an aesthetic and experiential standpoint, no one likes a cramped bathroom.

Here, then, is a quick guide to remodeling your bathroom to making it look and feel bigger, bolder, and a bit more beautiful.


It should go without saying that color is, of course, one of the most important features in determining how “open” any room feels. There’s a reason, after all, that we tend to paint our living rooms in bright, warm colors and not darker, more somber ones. Not only does that latter pair not exactly set the kind of tone you typically want for a living room, but it doesn’t take advantage of the natural light which will stream into the area. Living rooms that look and feel bigger and more inviting are able to use lighter, warmer colors to capitalize on that external light and create a highly welcoming space.


You can pull a similar trick with your bathroom space, albeit differently. Given that whites, eggshells, creams, and variations thereon tend to dominate bathroom décor, your color choices, in most places, probably won’t be as warm. That being said, using the same tone throughout your bathroom, from the bathtub to your countertops, your tiled floor to the ceiling, can create a sense that space is cohesive and, in its own way, a bit bigger.


That being said, while whites, eggshells, and creams may be your base color for your bathroom setup, you’ll still want to add a dash of color for variety. As such, adding complementary blues, pinks, and similar colors in the form of either object such as soaps, striping along the walls, or your countertop design can keep your bathroom from feeling monotonously monochrome while adding to the sense of space therein.


As a rule, the smoother your design setup blends together, the more cohesive it looks and feels. Happily enough, this can also help make your space feel a bit bigger. For example, if you extend your shower tiling upwards a bit, then taper from that color and material to that of your back walls, when someone first walks into the room, the two features will look like distinct, yet still part of a greater, more spacious whole. The same holds true for your bathroom flooring. Using similar tiling schemes for both your flooring and bathtub help you achieve that much sought after, beautifully spacious blending effect.



One of the great secrets to not just bathroom interior designing, but design work, in general, is that mirrors can be a great way to give the illusion of more space. Its reflective nature gives the eye the impression that there’s more space in an area than there actually is, which helps your bathroom – or any such space – “feel” just a bit bigger and deeper than it might otherwise feel. It’s part of the reason why the use of mirrors in films by such classic directors as Orson Welles and Jean Cocteau are both thematically resonant and impeccably resonant. They not only symbolize a dreamlike, deeper space but serve to help create one visually as well. As such, opting for big, bold, brightly-lit mirrors can be a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom while simultaneously giving the subconscious impression of there being more space than there actually is.

All this and more can help you beautify your bathroom décor like never before.

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