Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime Recipe

How to make Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime in only 5 minutes! An easy slime recipe for homemade fluffy slime that kids will love. It’s really the perfect kids craft!


Easy Unicorn Fluffy Slime Recipe!

This simple homemade fluffy slime recipe is the best! My daughter loves crafting and is obsessed with slime, especially unicorn fluffy slime! She loves making slime, playing with it, stretching and popping it. She’s been dying for her own iPhone and when since she got one for Christmas all she has been doing is making slime recipe videos.

I’m very excited to share her first how to video tutorial for this fabulous Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime! I think she did a wonderful job! This unicorn slime recipe is super fluffy and so easy to make. It’s addictive and once you make it, you might not be able to stop playing with it. I love the neon colors!

Originally published December 2017

Homemade Fluffy Slime Recipe

What I love about this recipe is that it blends three pretty pastel colors into a unicorn rainbow! If you use the exact color combination as pictured below, your slime when combined, should turn a darker shade of gray blue. Using other colors might make your slime turn a yucky brown color. So be sure to follow directions carefully on this slime recipe.

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Concerned about Borax?

This slime recipe includes white glue, shaving cream and a small amount of borax powder diluted in water. My daughter has very sensitive hands and this slime does not affect her hands at all. If you are unsure about using borax, please watch this informative video from Stephen Spangler, the king of science projects for kids. If you prefer not to use borax to activate the slime, use saline solution instead. If you are allergic to borax, shaving cream or glue please do not make.

From Parents.com:

Experts like Vanessa Stoloff, M.D., a family practitioner at the University of Pennsylvania, say the whole Borax business is actually pretty benign. In fact, the DIY thing is currently going down in her own home courtesy of her 11-year-old twin daughters, who recently made a batch of cookie dough slime that smelled like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. “As long as your kids’ slime recipes don’t include tasting it,” she told Parents.com, “topical Borax shouldn’t affect skin—especially at the amount being used.”

Dr. Jason Hack, a toxicologist from Rhode Island Hospital, also has a daughter who’s into making slime. “It’s a great activity,” he told WPRI 12 Eyewitness News. And he echoed Dr. Stoloff’s arguement that the small amount of Borax the kids are using is not absorbed through the skin. “It would take eating a lot of it to actually become toxic,” he explained.

If your child does accidentally ingest any slime that contains Borax, you should contact the American Association of Poison Control at 800-222-1222 immediately.

Fluffy Slime is Awesome!

What makes this slime so fluffy is shaving cream. The fluffy sensation won’t last forever, so play with it right after you make it.

How to Make Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime Recipe

Watch the video below if you want to see how we make this slime. It’s really easy, but might take some trial and error to get it just right. Not all slime is created equal!

Rainbow Unicorn Slime | Easy Fluffy Slime Recipe

How to make Rainbow Unicorn Slime in only 5 minutes! An easy video tutorial and homemade fluffy slime recipe. A fun kids craft activity.

 Course Craft
 Prep Time 5 minutes
 Total Time 5 minutes
 Servings  cup
 Author Living Locurto


  • 1/2 cup white glue
  • 1/2 cup foaming shaving cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon borax powder
  • 1 cup water
  • Blue, pink and yellow neon food coloring


  1. In a large bowl mix glue and shaving cream with a spoon.
  2. In a separate bowl or cup, mix 1/2 teaspoon of borax in 1 cup of water. Stir until the borax is dissolved. (To speed up this process, place mixture in a glass cup and microwave for 30-60 seconds.)

  3. Add about a teaspoon of the borax and water mixture into the glue/shaving cream bowl and stir.

  4. Knead with your hands and if it’s too sticky, add a tiny bit more borax and water mixture.
  5. Once your fluffy slime recipe is ready. Separate into three pieces.
  6. Add a drop of blue food coloring to the first piece of slime and knead until the entire piece is blue.
  7. Repeat with the other two pieces of slime by adding one drop of pink and one drop of yellow to them.
  8. When all three pieces are colored, add them together.
  9. Gently knead the fluffy slime until you have a pretty mixture of the rainbow.
  10. The longer you knead this slime, the more the colors will become one.

Recipe Notes

If you prefer not to use Borax to activate the slime, try to substitute with saline solution or laundry detergent. If you don’t use Borax, do not use water and you may need to add baking soda to thicken the slime.

Rubber gloves recommended for sensitive skin.

* DO NOT EAT. Not for small children without adult supervision.
* Do not make if you have skin allergies to cleaning supplies, glue, food dye or shaving cream.

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