Neil Gorsuch Just Ended Liberal Insanity With One Epic Punch to Their Movement

Neil Gorsuch is a beacon of light in the dark swamp of Washington, DC. Republicans everywhere are thanking the good Lord that we were able to hold off until President Trump won the election so that he could be put on the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch has already proven to be very in line with the late Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he replaced. That is likely to be the case with this next hearing scheduled for this Monday.

The Supreme Court will hear a case called Janus vs AFSCME, which an employee of Health and Human Services is suing the union at his workplace for requiring him to pay fees despite not wanting to join the union.

Before Antonin Scalia passed away, the case was also heard and likely to be found in Janus’ favor. Now with Gorsuch, it will likely tip that way for good.

Liberty Justice Center, which is representing Janus in the lawsuit, had this to say.

“In many states, workers are forced to give money to a union whether they want to or not. And when they do that they’re funding union politics. Not all workers want to support that union agenda, just because they’ve taken a government job.”

At its heart, this case is about the right to free speech and not being forced to join a cause you may not agree with just to hold a job. Here is what Janus has to say about it.

“I just look at it as an average guy just standing up for his own rights of free speech. I’d kind of like my money instead of going to the union and their causes go toward more civic health such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts. There are so many causes that need help and assistance.”

Amen! We the People are sick and tired of being forced to hand over money to causes that pour money into the DNC coffers. Hopefully Gorsuch can win this one for the Constitution!

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