Muslims Furious When They Land At The Airport In NY And Get A Trump Surprise That They Never Saw Coming

President Donald Trump has recently signed a bunch of executive orders to repeal former President Obama’s destructive immigration program.


After eight long years of his hurtful policies, people need more time to process the shock and astonishment from the new changes.

Muslims seem to especially have a  hard time coming to terms with this, since they have gotten used to achieving everything they want, and not listening to anybody.

However, President Trump, unlike Obama is taking this seriously, and two Middle Eastern men just learned that the hard way.

It looks like Trump is fulfilling yet another one of his campaign promises. And he isn’t wasting any more time.

Muslim refugees are now  terrified as their benefits are being cut off, and there are more and more of those who are being deported. Things are looking bad for others who are now trying to come in to the country, as their applications are being denied.

Just recently, two Muslim men who were experiencing some advancement in this field, received some bad news, as the President signed the new executive order. The two were hopeful that they had finally made it when they reached New York’s JFK airport, but as it appears they weren’t quite so lucky.

Both of them were reportedly, coming from Iraq. One was about to reunite with his family, who were already in the United States and the other one was returning back to the U.S. after he had gone in the Middle East for work. On their great misfortune, they were both arrested immediately after they arrived at the airport.

Evidently, by the time they reached the U.S. the President’s three-month refugee ban had come in effect and their plan was shattered.

The two were held in custody for some time, and they even got themselves legal representation, but there is a big chance that they’ll soon be sent back to Iraq.

Featured Image Source H/T: Jews News

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