MSNBC Guest: ‘You Still Have Actual Nazis’ in the White House

Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” journalist Sarah Kendzior said that even though Steve Bannon is out of the White House, there are still “actual Nazis’ in the White House.

Kendzior failed to back up her claim that “actual Nazis” that are still in the White House, only saying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a “long-time antagonist against civil rights.”

“[T]his is still a white-supremacist house,” Kendzior argued. “You still have actual Nazis in the house. You have Jeff Sessions, who’s a long-time antagonist against civil rights and you have policies that back up these ideas in practice. And so what Bannon is probably going to do when he leaves is just support this aspect of Trump’s agenda from the outside, which could be, actually I think, more dangerous and more harmful than having him in the White House, where he was, as mentioned, somewhat contained.”

(h/t Legal Insurrection)