Mike Ditka Releases Best Way To Make Every NFL Player Respect National Anthem

Mike Dikta talked about Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch who have both gone out of their way to disgrace America.

Ditka has the right solution and every single coach in the NFL should listen and do exactly what he says.

Ditka said:

“Well, here’s the thing. When we live in a society that pays attention to athletes, say, as greatly as they do to Kaepernick, then we’re foolish. I mean, athletes’ opinions are no different than anybody else’s, they’re no more significant than anybody else’s. They’re no more important than anybody else’s.

“Kaepernick would be an unknown, a complete unknown – nobody would know who he was – without the game of football, without the sport he’s playing. And not to respect that, you’ve got be a pretty unintelligent person, I would think.

“Because I don’t care what your preferences are, you can have anything you want to. But what he has was given to him by the game of football. I think it’s important to me that some of these young people playing the game start giving something back to the game. And respect the game the way it should be respected instead of acting like a bunch of fools out there.”

Radio Host: “No doubt about it. Hypothetically, Coach Ditka’s on the sidelines and one of his players takes a knee during the National Anthem, what happens to the player in that case?”

Ditka: “He doesn’t play for me ever again.”

do you agree with Iron Mike?