Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

I’ve seen these painted and distressed mason jar bathroom storage and accessories sets on Etsy for the past year or so and have to admit I’ve been intrigued …

Bathroom Storage Ideas with Mason Jars

My first concern has been durability. Especially if you’re using craft paint. It’s water soluble. And even with a top clear coat, I worried that they finish would eventually wash off. Or peel off. Which has made me reluctant to try my hand at creating this mason jar bathroom storage set …


and sharing it with you!

But all that changed when I was introduced to Amy Howard’s One Step paint (which, by the way, I found at my neighborhood Ace Hardware store). Now, I’ll admit the finish isn’t permanent permanent. But it’s much more durable than craft paint. Especially after you give it a clear sealant coat.


Bathroom Storage Ideas with mason Jars


Mason Jars (Quart, 2 Pints, Elite Half-Pint4 oz. Quilted Jelly Jar)

Amy Howard One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff

Clear Coat Sealant

Mason Jar Soap Lid Converter Kit

Mason Jar Flower Frog

Paint Brush


Give your jars two coats of Amy Howard One Step Paint in your choice of color; let dry completely between coats.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (6 of 11)

After the second coat dries overnight, distress the raised lettering on the mason jar. I use 80 grit sandpaper.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (7 of 11)

Finish it with two coats of a matte finish sealant. This is my go to product that I found at Michael’s.


Mason Jar Crafts Ideas for Bathroom Storage

For the toothbrush holder, I used a mason jar lid insert that is meant for a flower arrangement.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (11 of 11)

For the soap dispenser, I purchased the lid converter kit from an Etsy shop (I purchased it from a shop called Martin & Company which you can find by clicking here).

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder 2 (3 of 3)

And that’s it.  The smallest jar is a 4 oz. quilted jelly jar. The cotton balls are in one of Ball’s Elite Collection jars (1/2 pint).

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder 2 (2 of 3) 2

And now I have a pretty and stylish storage and organization solution for my bathroom!

Bathroom Organization Ideas with Mason Jars


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