Lighted Fall Pumpkin Basket

This lighted pumpkin basket can be put together in less than 10 minutes and adds such a pretty glow to your fall decor.  Light up those darker fall evenings and create a warm and cozy welcome with this easy fall DIY project.


We’re officially on our last week of summer vacation, so I’m bouncing back and forth between soaking up those last little bits of summer and dreaming about all things fall.  There’s just something about all of those fall colors, textures, and natural elements that I just love.  Over the past week or so, I’ve gradually been adding a little bit of fall decor into our home and have been planning all of the fun fall content that I want to share with you this season.  I hope you’re as excited as I am to start gettng ready for fall!


Today I’m happy to be joining Krista from The Happy Housie {and 25 other amazing bloggers!} for the The Fall Seasonal Simplicity Series. Each week we’ll be sharing our best fall ideas – from fall crafts and wreaths to seasonal recipes and fall printables!  To kick things off, we’ve put together some beautiful fall DIY and craft projects to inspire you for the upcoming season.  You can find all of the awesome ideas at the end of the post, so be sure to check them out before you go!


I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to seasonal decorating, but I am working on keeping things more simple this year. This easy lighted pumpkin bucket is super quick to put together and creates such a pretty and welcoming glow. There’s just something about twinkle lights that’s just so cozy and inviting, don’t you think?


This is a reall simple project to put together, but I wanted to show you a few tricks that I used.


  • galvanized bucket or other container.  I bought mine at Joannes but it’s actually a copy of this DIY farmhouse pumpkin bucket from A Night Owl.  If you don’t want to purchase something new, look for old planters, bins or other containers that you may have around the house.
  • newpapers
  • linen tea towel {optional}
  • faux or real pumpkins.  I usually like to mix in a couple of real pumpkins with my faux pumpkins, but since it’s so early in the season, I went completely faux on this one.  I’ll probably pop in a couple of white baby boos once they’re out.
  • faux fall leaves.  Look for stems that can be bent and will hold their shape. Feel free to mix in some real leaf branches too!
  • mini lights.  Look for ones that have an automatic timer to turn on and off so you don’t need to worry about them.


  • If you have a deep bucket, add some crumpled newspaper to raise the pumpkins up to the level that you want. There’s no point paying for pumpkins just to fill up the bin!  I covered up the newspaper with a linen towel just in case there were any little holes where you could see through, but you could always skip this step.
  • Arrange the pumpkins the way you would like them. Play around with slightly different angles until you get the best look.
  • Take a faux fall leaf stem and break it up into smaller chunks {vary the size so you have some pieces bigger than others}.  Depending on your stems, you may need to use a wire cutter for this.  If you don’t have one, you can usually still get them to break off by bending the wire back and forth a bunch of times.  I used one large stem for my bucket and broke it off into five sections.
  • Start filling in any holes between the pumpkins with the leaf stems and fluff up the leaves until it fills up the space. Try to keep the bigger stems towards the back and work the smaller stems in towards the front. You’ll probably need to lift up the pumpkins a bit to fit the stems in underneath them.  Play around with bending those stems until you get the look you want.
  • Add in the twinkle lights spacing them randomly throughout the bucket.  Tweak them until they look fairly balanced.
  • Get ready to glow!
Lighted fall pumpkin bucket. Galvanized metal bucket filled with pumpkins, fall leaves, and mini lights.

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