Legendary Actor Sidney Poitier: “During My Lifetime, America Was Under Different Leaderships, But I Have Never Seen Lead Like Donald Trump.”‘Donald Trump Might Become The Greatest Of All Time,We Have To Give Him All The Support We Have”. Do You Support Him?

Sometimes Hollywood actors can satisfy our citizens with just one excellent statement.


HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 24: Actor Sidney Poitier presenting “In the Heat of the Night” at Target Presents AFI’s Night at the Movies at ArcLight Cinemas on April 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for AFI)

We’ve witnessed numerous critics towards our current President Donald Trump from the Hollywood industry.

We all know that Donald Trump has more enemies in Hollywood than companions, but still when someone decide to praise our leader, they usually decide to express something huge and truly important for our country.

As usual, a little bit older Hollywood actor decided to go against his younger colleagues.

American actor Sidney Poitier, with origin from the Bahamas, but still born in Miami, and a man who passed his entire life in the United States had to express something towards the people of his country.

During an interview for he explained the importance of having a leader like Donald Trump:

“America, you finally have a man that actually cares for you,” he began.

“During my lifetime, America was under different leaderships, but I have never seen someone to lead this nation with passion like Donald Trump.”

“It’s simple, he loves his nation, he loves each one of you,” he added.

“This man might be the greatest of all time, we have to give him all the support we have,” he finished.

Seriously, this was a huge statement from a legendary actor. What do you think about this expression? Please leave your comment below and of course don’t forget to SHARE this amazing statement!

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