Legend Stan Lee: ‘America Never Had Someone Like Donald Trump, He’s The Best President Of The United States, I Don’t Think That America Will Again Have A Leader Like Him.”Do You Support Him?

Donald Trump is a huge theme in Hollywood nowadays.


There are two sides. The ones that viciously attack him, but there are numerous, especially old Hollywood legends that praises his work.

Stan Lee has came up with something special, not that long ago. He is a living legend we have to admit.

Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, a movie producer, a published and so on. He did numerous things for our country. A real living legend…

Early in his board at Alamo City Comic Con, an individual from the audience asked Stan Lee for what reason he hasn’t gone into politics.

“You’re not the first person to say that I would be the best President of the United States,” he answered.

Then the same guy asked him what does he think about the current president of the United States?

“Well, I think he’s OK,” he began.

“In fact, he is more than just OK, I’m not sure that we had someone like Donald Trump. He’s wise and a hard-working individual, something that our nation was looking for years.”

“I don’t think that America will again have a leader like him,” he added.

I’m so proud of this legend. He hit the liberals right in the face. Let’s make them jealous by sharing this article everywhere on social-media!

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