JUST IN: President Trump Just Struck OVERNIGHT – They’re All DEAD

During Barack Hussein Obama’s time in the White House, he was reluctant to make any move against terrorists, as he was more worried about not offending Muslims than he was about protecting the American people. Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, he’s letting the world know that he’s not afraid to make moves to take terrorists out for good.

CNN reported that a U.S. airstrike that took place on Christmas Eve against the militant group al Shabaab in southern Somalia killed 13 terrorists. US Africa Command explained that it’s forces conducted the airstrike in coordination with the government of Somalia and identified the 13 killed as terrorists.

“US forces will continue to use all authorized and appropriate measures to protect the United States, its partners and interests, and deny safe haven to terrorist groups,” Africa Command said in a statement on the strike.

This came weeks after a State Department official said that the US is cutting some military aid to Somalia due to allegations of misuse. The U.S. has become more involved in  Somalia, fighting the militant groups al Shabaab and ISIS with airstrikes and having some 500 US troops in the there to advise local forces.

Last month, a U.S. strike in Somalia killed more than 100 people it identified as al Shabaab militants. The number of US airstrikes in Somalia and the war-torn country of Yemen have substantially increased since Trump took office, with Sunday’s strike being US’ 34th in Somalia since Trump entered the White House.

This comes after Freedom Daily reported that U.S. and Afghan forces just teamed up to launch a series of attacks on narcotics laboratories in southern Afghanistan this week. Experts say this could be the start of what could become a very long and expanded air war in the area under Trump. The operations began on Sunday and lasted for most of the week.

Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said that this is the first significant use of new legal authorities granted by the Trump administration in August that enable the Pentagon to target Taliban revenue streams.

Under Obama, the U.S. military conducted strikes only when facing an imminent threat or working directly with the Afghans in order to reduce collateral damage. However, this strategy failed miserably, the Muslim Terrorists know very well how to exploit the weaknesses the U.S. makes when it bows down to political correctness. However, Trump isn’t afraid of being politically incorrect to beat terrorists.

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