Home Remedy To Eliminate Kidney Stones In Just Two Weeks

The kidney stones, also known as stones are more than pieces of solid material that form when there are high levels of calcium, phosphorus and oxalate in the urine. These stones can remain in the kidneys or defend all depends on the size that these have.

A small stone can descend alone, but when they have a large size may become stuck in the urinary tract which can cause a lot of fraud and bleeding and can obstruct the flow of urine.

This kind of problem can be treat with medicines made from natural products because they allow the destruction of matter in the kidneys allowing rapid expulsion.

Possible symptoms of kidney stones

  • 1- Blood in the urine.
  • 2-painful urination.
  • 3- feel a sharp pain in the back or lower abdomen.

Here we give a homemade recipe to expel kidney stones and to clean urinary tract.

Home Remedy To Eliminate Kidney Stones In Just Two Weeks


  • 3.5 oz of unrefined olive oil
  • 3.5 oz Lemon juice
  • 3.5 oz beer

Lemon helps you to destruction of the stone.

Olive oil softens the urinary tract and helps the flow of urine, and urinary dilate channels.


  • Mix all ingredients in a bottle.


  • Take 1.7 oz this drink every morning on an empty stomach and after dinner.

After several days of consumption, the sand found in the kidneys allowing the expulsion of these will remove in less than a week.

NOTE: You must perform this procedure 2 times during the day.

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