HIDDEN CAMERA: ANTIFA Brutally Attacked Female Reporter And Lied About It, But Liberals Still Believe Them

During a vicious Antifa protest in Richmond, Virginia, one of the agitators attacked a journalist that was simply trying to make a video of their protest “Against White Supremacy.” Unfortunately, just like Stalin, not everyone fighting Nazis is good.

The entire disturbing incident was caught on video

It’s sickening. Political violence is antithetical to American values. The neo-nazis and white nationalists are incendiary individuals who spout divisive, negative rhetoric but that doesn’t excuse the violent measures used to silence them.

Rather than repudiate the mayhem, Antifa members claimed that the injured journalist “was not working at the time so we can only assume he was drinking and made one bad choice after the next…This man ran at a crowd that was holding space for our murdered comrade with just his iPhone. Due to the intensity and context of this time people are very scared of white men running full speed at them with iPhones as this is the exact behavior of a white supremacist trying to out identify of people of color and anti fascists in order to invoke fear.”

The man had to be treated by a doctor. He needed multiple staples to close the gash on his skull. It’s absurd to claim that he wasn’t attacked. The left’s attempt to legitimize violence actually harms their cause. Don’t be a white supremacist is a good message, but it becomes obscured when its proponents pick up weapons and begin assaulting people.

Violence is horrible. The left needs to be as willing to denounce bigotry and hate within its own ranks as it is in others. Non-violent protesters will always have an edge over rioters.