HE’S BACK: What Trump Just Did To Boston Protesters Left ALL Of Them SPEECHLESS

Y’all, this stuff could not be made up if we tried! President Trump just managed to leave the whole country speechless! In Boston today, a group of libertarians decided to hold a Free Speech rally.

Many in the area, Fourteen THOUSAND total, fearing another bloody fight between Neo-Nazis and ANTIFAs went out and took to the street in a PEACEFUL protest. Not a single one of them was prepared for what Trump did to them afterwards.

He THANKED the 14,000 protesters for coming out and peacefully protesting bigotry and hate.

He said that truly peaceful protests are one of the core rights of this great country and it was good seeing so many Americans uniting to oppose the violence.

Amen, Mr. President. We are a country founded on many amazing basic rights and protesting is one of the absolute greatest.

Of course, there were a few problems. 20 arrests after some BLMs attacked a cop car, but relative to the size that is not nearly as bad as it could have been. Honestly, though, 1 out of every 700 protesters is a huge improvement over what we have been seeing.

I will stand with the President 100% on this and praise the use of peaceful protests over violent riots. Give Trump an Amen and help share his American message to everyone.