Space is a premium in small homes and it may seem counter-intuitive to convert a closet to anything but, well… a closet! However, with some careful culling of closet needs, you can clear space for a home office, entry organization station, or even a guest room! First, let’s talk about how to give up one of your precious closets…

closet convsersion



Evaluate the Need

Most of us are wishing we had more closet space, not less. But often we don’t realize how much wasted closet space we use. Do you have a front coat closet in your entry that holds just shoes and jackets? Perhaps you have a guest room closet filled with last years holiday decorations. Is there a better use for these closet spaces? What kind of space are you more in need of at your house?

Redistribute the Contents

Now that you have decided to turn that wasted closet space into a mini room in your home, all you have to do is find new, more creative homes for all that stuff. Ideas?

  • Under bed storage
  • Storing shoes and jackets in the owners closet
  • In the rafters in the garage
  • Outside shed

Convert Your Closet!

Now that you have the closet cleaned out, use these steps (and the theme of the room you are creating) to make it happen!

  • Clean the area well, remove any shelving.
  • PAINT!
  • Add lighting. Even if the area is meant to be utilitarian, add a least a few stick up lights for task lighting. You can purchase LED battery powered puck style lighting that attaches anywhere.
  • Add necessary furnishing. This can be shelving, a desk, or a sleeper sofa. Whatever you need to make your room.


Check out these great ideas for converting a closet in your small home!

Turn a hallway closet into a mudroom: This project comes from Carmel at ‘Our Fifth House’. Check out how she turned this hallway entry closet into a fabulous mudroom!

closet conversions


An amazing closet-turned office:

closet conversions


Closet converted into an organized space for crafts, wrapping paper, etc:

closet conversions


Closet converted into a bed and storage:

closet conversions


Converted closet nursery:

closet conversions

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