Get Rid of Underarm Dark Skin, Age Spots, Freckles & Whiten Skin in 7 Days

Dark underarms can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Everyone wants to flaunt their arms by wearing sleeveless but the appearance of dark armpits usually prevents them. In order to get rid of this problem we should take up natural techniques. Most people take up shortcuts and under go laser and other surgeries that can be expensive as well as dangerous for your body. It is always advisable to use nature-based products for diminishing these ugly spots.

 Causes of Dark Armpits
* Tight clothing usually causes friction, which consequently leads to the appearance of dark armpits.
* Usage of deodorants can also darken your underarms.
* Excessive sweating, shaving, dead skin build up, chemicals and alcohol can cause dark armpits.
* Sometimes infection due to lack of hygiene also causes darkness in your armpits.

Natural techniques to whiten your underarms
* You should exfoliate the skin in your armpit for inhibiting the production of melanin in your body. You can use a good scrub twice a week for attaining a spot less under arms.

* You can also rub lemon slices in your armpit for whitening it naturally.

* Drinking water is extremely important for hydrating your body. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily for cleaning your digestive tract, which will consequently reduce melanin pigments in your body.

* You can also perform waxing for whitening your under arms.

* There are many nature-based ingredients such as kojic acidlicorice extractemblica powderlactic acidglycolic acidmulberry extractbearberry extract that can be applied for whitening your underarm skin. These constituents can easily reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation, age spots, sun damage melasma, acne marks, old scar, dark elbows and uneven skin tone with ease. You should preferably apply Meladerm pigment reducing cream which contains all the above ingredients. This cream not only whiten your underarms but also diminishes dark spots and birthmarks.

* Nature based ingredients can be applied in all types of skin including African American covering.

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