DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

ts PLANT WEEK!!!!!!!!  Do you even know how exciting this is?!? Its like Shark Week but WAYYYYY better and with a lot less fear (mostly).  Every day this week I have got an amazing project for you that will make the love in your plant-lovin heart swell to massive proportions.

You.GUYS!!  I hope you are enjoying this fun weeklong series as much as I am.  It was just the kick start that I needed to get back into project life.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that today’s project is one of my most favorite EVER. Ever ever.

DIY Leather and Wood Indoor Plant Trellis Wall Tutorial



About 6 months ago I pinned this awesome picture because hello I want to move in there yesterday.  For months I have been itching to recreate this modern trellis project in my home, and hooray! for finally getting around to it!



This wall in my kitchen eating nook was the perfect spot.  There is a ton of light and you know how plants love that. And the ceilings are sooo tall (10 ft) that it is a major statement.  A statement that says “I Hoard Plants”.  So in an effort to get all of the little guys evicted out of their current residence (i.e. the kitchen table) this wall became their new home.

Also this was majorly one of those make it up as you go projects, so if you are going to recreate it make sure that you read all the words, and not just skim the pictures. Cause without the words the pictures are a leeeeeeetle confusing. ?

Trellis Wall

Every one’s wall dimensions will be different but the basic premise is the same.  Start by taking the width of your wall and divide it in 3rds.  This will give you 2 points to work off of.

I started by cutting a few different angles on my miter saw (because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted it to look like and what angle would achieve that) a 60 degree angle ended up being just right.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-5


To be completely transparent, when I was doing this project there was a lot of temporarily putting boards up to make sure that they were going to work and double measuring before I made the cuts.

There were a handful of long boards that extended the width of several diamonds.  I didn’t really have a rhyme or reason for which ones went where, it was just where they made the most sense.

Once the 120 degree base angle boards were up, all I did was fill it in with boards that were cut to 15” and had a 60 degree parallel angles on both ends.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall Measurements


You know how sometimes I have those “I can teach it to you but I cant understand it for you” tutorials?  This is one.

*One thing to note, when you are working on a miter saw, 90 degrees is 0, you subtract your angle from that.  So to cut a 30 degree angle, I needed to set my saw blade at 60 degrees.  Because 30 + 60 is 90.  (The reason most people overlook this is because the most common angle is 45 and that is exactly 1/2 of 90, so you set your blade at 45.)

To cut the starting boards set your saw at 60 degrees.  (2) 60 degree cuts joined together will make 120 degrees.  The 15” boards with the parallel angles get a 60 degree angle at the end of each board, which means your blade will be set at the 30 degree mark on the saw.

Angles copy


To finish off an outside corner, take the measurement of your board (15”) and add the width (2”) so you’ll cut the outside corner boards to 17”.  Or you can do what I did and use long boards to start/end the outside corner boards.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-8


Once everything was in place with tap/temporary nails, I went back through and secured it with finishing nails.  Make sure that you are hitting studs when you are finishing everything up so that it can hold the weight of your planters!

The original plan was to use cup hooks and these little egg shaped hanging planters that I found on Amazon (you can see it in the bottom left of the picture below)

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.44.43 AM

But they looked so…


So I scrapped the idea and decided to come up with a way to hold regular sized containers instead.

I scored all of the planters on clearance at Target and gave them a coat of Rust-Oleum Flat White 2X spray paint.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-16


The leather that I used was left over from my couch reupholstery and if you know me at all you know that I LOVE leather.  Like its probably a problem but I’m just so happy about it I don’t even care.

The most important thing is to make sure that you leather will fit snuggly around your planter on all sides with the edges overlapping 1/2”.  The main strap measures 14”x2” and 2 cross straps measure 10”x1/2” each.  To get the right measurement for the bottom straps all you have to do is drape a piece on an upside down planter and make sure it’s hitting just above the rim.

Trellis Wall-3


Fold your main strap in 1/2 (hotdog style) and using a leather punch you are going to punch 6 evenly spaced holes through both sides. I folded mine because I didn’t want it to stretch.  If you have thick leather you most likely wont need to fold.

Take the 1/2” pieces and find the center point on each and punch a hole there as well as on each end.

Using a grommet setter (get them at Home Depot they are so much cheaper than craft stores!) you are going to attach everything together, starting with the center holes on the 1/2” straps.

Next put one end of the 1/2” pieces inside the main folded piece and line up the hole.  Attach all 4 ends just like that.

Leather Holder


Set the grommets in the 2 reaming holes and you are done! (and left with what appears to be a leather jockstrap. You’re welcome.)

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-9


Fold the edges over and line up the holes, this is where you are going to attach it to the wall.  Place a screw inside the grommets.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-10


Drill it onto the center the diamond points (make sure the sides are straight and not droopy!)

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-12


Yay!  It’s not a jockstrap anymore!

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-14


They’ll hang a little, but you don’t want it to droop too much.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-15


Fill it with your favorite plants (see more about how to do that here!)

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall DIY

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-17

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-18

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-19

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-20


Man I just love the wild and crazy hair on this little guy!!

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-21

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall DIY

Trellis Wall-4


Now, lest you think that my house is not suffering immensely from all of this planting… I present to you, the work station.  Just out of shot.

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall-23

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