DIY Shoe Repair (it’s cheap and EASY)

I don’t know about you, but WAY too often the straps of my flip flops, wedges and other sandals break.  And it usually seems to be at the worst possible time. Just this past year, I have had the straps of various shoes break in the middle of Ikea (ummm, not good–Ikea is HUGE) and at a swanky event at a conference (super embarrassing).  Well now I have a DIY solution that works every time.  No surprise that really, it’s all about having the right shoe repair supplies.  Best of all, it can be done on the fly, so I never leave home without it.

Do you have a bunch of cute sandals and shoes with broken straps? It seems to happen to me ALL the time and always out in public. Now I have a DIY shoe repair solution that allows me to repair my shoes at home in about 1 minute for less than a dollar a pair!

DIY Shoe repair supplies needed:

  • Dap All Purpose Rapid Fuse– Over the years I have tried super glue and Gorilla glue and they FAIL long-term.  Dap Rapid Fuse is the only glue I recommend for repairing your shoes.  It works great on straps like I show in the video, but we have also used it on two pairs of my husband’s shoes to reattach the soles where they have come loose.  Every pair of shoes we have repaired with Dap Rapid Fuse are holding strong!
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Clamps (optional)

Just check out the video to learn all about how to use the shoe repair supplies to repair your shoes yourself!

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