DIY Milky Way Galaxy Bath Bomb Tutorial

First, we’ll be starting by mixing our dry ingredients. Make sure to sift your citric acid and baking soda if you have any clumps. Soft clumps in the powdered milk or honey will break up with the beater, but if you’ve got hard lumps you’ll want to sift those too.

Next, we’ll be measuring out our wet ingredients. Now you know this is a special recipe when you see me pull out the Queen of oils – Jojoba. She is beautiful, and emollient and I love her oh so much.

The fragrance oil I chose for this bath bomb is this Cardamom True Sugar fragrance oil by Crafter’s Choice.

Start by beating your dry ingredients on their own. Cover your mixer with a towel to keep the ingredients from getting too airborne. Once again, if you want to see the measurements for the dry and wet ingredients, get the free recipe above.

Once the dry ingredients are mixed well, slowly add in your wet ingredients and mix until everything is fully incorporated.

The finished product should have this consistency:

Next, we’ll be dividing up our batch into four. To get the exact weight of each batch, see the recipe.

Then we’ll be coloring the different batches with some vibrant galaxy-esque hues. Once again, the different colorants and their amounts are covered in the recipe.

And here comes the fun part! Check out the video below to see how to mold your own Milky Way galaxy bombs.

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