DIY End Table with Built-In Planter or Ice Bucket

This DIY end table does double duty on your deck or patio! Keep drinks cool while you relax outside with the built in ice bucket, or switch it to a planter box for sweet-smelling flowers.

DIY outdoor end table with built in ice bucket
Our quest for the ultimate deck is slowly starting to come together. The outdoor sofa and loveseat set I built creates a cozy seating area in the corner, and outdoor rope lights around the perimeter give it just the right ambiance. But what good is all that when there’s nowhere to set your drink?!? This DIY end table provides the perfect solution to two problems in one compact space!

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Don’t forget your safety gear when woodworking! Here are my recommendations for safety glasses and ear protection. No excuses!

Get your free woodworking plans for this DIY end table to print and bring to your workshop!


Start by cutting all the pieces to the dimensions listed in the plan. Sand down any rough edges before starting assembly.


Drill pocket holes in both ends of top tier frame pieces at the 1 ½” board thickness setting.

Drill pocket holes for your DIY end table at 1 1/2" first.

Then drill pocket holes along one length at the ¾” setting.

Drill pocket holes along one length of your DIY end table frame at 3/4".

Attach these to the legs with 2 ½” pocket hole screws. The holes along the long edge should be facing up and will be used to attach the top later.

Attach the legs of the DIY end table together with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws.

Repeat the process for drilling pocket holes for the bottom tier frame pieces. Attach them to the outside edge of the end table legs with 2 ½” pocket hole screws.

Add the cross supports for your DIY end table frame.

Attach the other set of legs. It may be a little tricky to fit your drill inside the frame to attach this piece. I used a right angle drill attachment to get into this tight spot.

If you can't fit your drill inside the frame to screw it into place, a right angle attachment makes it easy!

The planter side of the end table only needs one pair of legs.

Assemble the planter side of the DIY end table the same way, but without one set of legs.


The tops of the end table are made out of 1 x 4’s. Drill two pocket holes into both ends. Attach these to the side pieces with 1 ¼” pocket hole screws, leaving about  ¼” between each slat.

Assemble the top of your DIY end table.

Assemble the planter side the same way, but leave a space in the middle that is big enough for the lip of your planter box to rest on top securely. This one was custom fit to this plan. You’ll want to buy two planter boxes if you want to switch out flowers for the ice bucket, unless you like dirt in your ice!

Leave a space in the center of the planter side of the DIY end table for your planter box.


Attach the table tops to their matching frames with 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. One long edge should be flush with the legs, and the other sides should overhang by ¾”.

Attach the table tops of the DIY end table with 3/4" overhang on one side.

Now is a good time to paint or stain your end table. I used the same exterior stain as the outdoor sofa and loveseat I built, so the entire set matches perfectly!


Stand both halves next to each other on a flat surface with the flush sides together. Check that the planter side is level, then attach it to the upper end table side with 1 ½” L angle brackets.

Use brackets to attach the two sides of your end table together.

Fill your planter box with flowers (or ice) and drop it in. The lip of the planter box should rest on the edges of the table top, and can easily be switched out.

This DIY end table is genius! Switch the flower planter for an ice bucket in seconds!

The planter box comfortably fits a six pack, so you always have your favorite beverage cold and close at hand.

Make the ultimate end table for your outdoor space! This DIY end table doubles as either a planter or ice bucket, and can easily be switched between the two! Genius!

Or switch out the box with one full of beautiful flowers to enjoy while relaxing on your deck or patio.

This DIY end table is genius! The built-in flower box can be switched out for an ice bucket! Get the free plans and build yours today!

I still have another end table and a coffee table to build for our deck, so stay tuned for more woodworking plans! Until then, don’t forget to check out my outdoor loveseat plans too!

The dark stain of my custom built outdoor sofa and loveseat contrasts nicely with the lighter cushions.

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