So rope is back, big time. It’s a rustic, renewable and repurposeable (is that a word?) It’s inexpensive and easy to work with, adds great texture to any room, and can even be painted… Check out these great DIY projects with rope… it’s not your Mom’s macrame!

April at House of Hoff has this great and easy project using a glue gun and some rope… Cover existing planters or pick up some cheap pots for both indoors and out.  Here’s how she did it- Pot Tutorial

Rope Pots


This projects requires nothing but the ability to wind up rope! Notice how the rope has two different thicknesses and both contrast beautifully with the modern clear glass… Easy idea, and love it!

Rope in jars


Rope book ends are an easy project, and we have the step by step from Martha Stewart. I would imagine you could make these out of any heavy object, such as a brick as well.

Rope bookends


One for the bath… How easy is this? Knot the rope on both ends, then hang with simple screw eye hooks.

Rope towel holder


The last one is perfect for a small home. This rope project allows for separation of space, without closing off rooms entirely. It looks ambitious, and it is… but it’s just a lot of work, not complicated! Any accomplished DIYer can pull this off, and The Brick House has a basic how-to here. Oh, and it looks so freakin’ cool people!

Rope Wall


So let your imagination go, and take a visit to the home improvement store. What can you glue, tie or wrap this great material around, in or over?

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