Coconut Oil and Lemon Mixture: It Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color

What is the worst nightmare of your life? A woman answered gray hairs! It is true that gray hairs are the first sign of aging and thus people are very conscious about the bunch of gray hairs they carry. The cosmetic companies have encashed the fear of people and provided a wide range of products which claims to treat gray hair issues. However, these products are full of chemicals and damage your hair in a worst possible way.

In order to treat the gray hair issues, firstly we should know the reason behind the increase in the number of gray hairs on your scalp. Poor diet, hormonal fluctuation, stress, pollution, and smoking are common causes of gray hair. Some people suffer from this issue due to chronic colds, thyroid disorders, sinusitis, low amount of melanin and use of harmful chemicals on the hair.

You can solve this pulse of gray hair using natural ingredients. This simple trick will improve the health of your hair and it does not have any side effects. Also, you should continue to drink a lot of water and have a nutritious healthy diet to maintain good hair.

Here is the recipe of coconut oil and lemon for you to treat the gray hair:

Coconut Oil and Lemon Mixture:

Things you Need:

  1. Organic coconut oil- ½ cup
  2. Lemon juice- 3 tsp


  1. Take a ½ cup of coconut oil and heat it for 10 seconds.
  2. Add 3 tsp of lemon juice to it and mix it well to get a thick solution.
  3. Apply the warm mixture on the roots of your hair and provide a gentle massage to your scalp.
  4. Allow it to remain for 1 hour or you can keep it overnight as well.
  5. Wash your hair with natural shampoo.
  6. Use this remedy once in a week to say goodbye to gray hair.

Why is this Remedy so Beneficial?

The ingredients used in this remedy are nature’s gift to us. The ingredients consist of numerous medicinal properties and ample amount of nourishment for your hair. Coconut oil consists of anti-microbial properties and it is a rich source of lauric acid along with medium-chain fatty acids. Thus, coconut oil helps in hair growth, prevent dandruff issues, reduce hair fall and strengthen the hair. It also contributes to reverse the gray hair condition.

Lemon present in the remedy prevents the premature graying of hair. It consists of vitamin B, C, and phosphorus in it. This provides necessary nourishment to the hair and treats the gray hair issue. This remedy will provide you smooth and soft hair in the very first application.

So, start using this fantastic remedy to reverse the gray hair and keep your hair healthy.

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