Charlottesville Mayor Attacked Trump After Riots, So Trump Used SECRET WEAPON On Him

Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor Michael Singer blamed Trump for the violence and the deadly attack that left one dead and 19 injured. Signer blamed Trump and said that it was because of his prejudices. Take a look at this idiot in the video below then see what Trump people exposed about him further below.

The mayor wants to blame President Trump for the violence in his own city. Yeah. This is the same mayor that called off the police. This is the same dang mayor that refused to offer protection to the white nationalist groups that his city had given a permit too.Trump’s secret weapon is the truth.


Below is the video of a former Democrat like the mayor of Charlottesville.

Mayor Signer wrote a book praising Three-Fifths Compromise creator James Madison. Yeah. He praised James Madison, the guy that owned over a hundred slaves.

Here is an Amazon book review on the book written by Mayor Signer about James Madison:

“Michael Signer takes a fresh look at the life of our fourth president. His focus is on Madison before he turned thirty-six, the years in which he did his most enduring work: battling with Patrick Henry—the most charismatic politician in revolutionary America, whose political philosophy and ruthless tactics eerily foreshadowed those of today’s Tea Party—over religious freedom; introducing his framework for a strong central government; becoming the intellectual godfather of the Constitution; and providing a crucial role at Virginia’s convention to ratify the Constitution in 1788, when the nation’s future hung in the balance. Signer’s young James Madison is a role model for the leaders so badly needed today.”

If you don’t know much about James Madison, he owned over a hundred slaves and penned the three-fifths compromise, which counted slaves as three-fifths of a person so he could count them for taxation and legislative representation.

Share this to expose this apparently racist-leaning Democrat Mayor. They call Republicans racist when they are the one that are attempting to capitalize on race violence. We need to get this truth to the people of Charlottesville.

Charlottesville is a Democratic stronghold. The whole Charlottesville event reeks of meddling in order to attack our President as he is in the midst of dealing with North Korea.