BREAKING NEWS: Liberals are fuming after over 500 illegal aliens were just arrested.

Western Journalism reported that over 500 illegal immigrants were arrested by Mexican authorities as they tried to get across the border with the U.S. After carrying out a series of operations, border officials found that smugglers were trafficking the migrants by way of unventilated trucks with no food or water, keeping them in inhumane conditions.

Over 200 other illegal aliens were discovered in the border state of Tamaulipas amid over-crowded “safe houses” often used by criminal gangs. The migrants, of which over 100 were minors, had paid up to $4,000 to their traffickers to bring them in.

Officials are currently leading several efforts to help migrants realize these smugglers aren’t always what they seem, as demonstrated by the harsh conditions they are often found in.

“The smugglers are the ones that are taking these folks out into these extreme desolate areas, and unfortunately, they’re lying to them. They’re leaving them out there,” said Steven Passement, the acting special operations supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona sector.

“Those are the realities that we want folks to understand and know before coming,” he added, going on to warn of the prolonged duration of the journey that could become a nightmare, with many migrants often being beat or raped before being left behind in the desert.

“In the Tucson sector, we want a message that this is not the environment you want to cross in,” Passement said. “We want to make this as difficult as possible for the smugglers.”

“The border’s changed drastically over the years. There’s more technology now, more manpower, more infrastructure, so the chances of being detained or apprehended are greater than ever before,” Passement continued. “We look forward to trying to work with these individuals, these groups, come together because I’ll tell you we have a similar goal. We want to save lives.”

The mainstream media tries to make Donald Trump look like a monster for his crackdown on illegal immigration. However, stories like this show that Trump is actually acting in the best interests of illegal immigrants themselves. He wants them to apply for citizenship legally rather than risk their lives by dangerously crossing the border illegally.

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