BREAKING: TRUMP IS OFFICIALLY Preparing Executive Order To DEPORT Illegals Living On Welfare…Kill Anchor Baby Benefits

Trump isn’t just going to build a wall, he’s going to make it MISERABLE for illegal aliens to stay in America, leaching off our benefits. This report is by the Washington Post, which is a super Liberal paper. The only reason they might fake this story would be to incite riots in the streets to destabilize America further. They’ve already been riling up Muslims in America to rise up against Trump, so it isn’t a far stretch to believe they’d do the same with illegals. However, this report is likely true…so it’s about to become a lot less lucrative to sneak into this country.

From: 100%fedup

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in 2012 approximately 51 percent of all immigrant households collected welfare:  HOW THE USDA Helps Illegal Aliens Get FREE Benefits Paid For By YOU! This is a problem. A lot of American households also collect welfare, and that is a problem as well.

A liberal newspaper claims it has obtained copies of two of President Donald Trump’s upcoming executive orders that if implemented would once and for all stop immigrants from leeching off the American taxpayer.

Obtained by The Washington Post, the orders would reportedly “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and set up standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry.”

The underlying goal would be to make the U.S. immigration system more “merit-based,” so those with the potential to contribute to the country would be welcome, whereas those more likely to be a burden to the American taxpayer would be kept out.

According to New York magazine, the order would also “bar undocumented immigrants from accessing the child tax credit, even when their children are U.S. citizens,” which would be a huge blow to illegal immigrant families hoping to cash in on their anchor babies.

The simple fact is that as a sovereign nation, the United States reserves the right to demand the very best from anyone who aspires to live here. It is a fact that the U.S. actually has much more lenient immigration policies than a large number of Western countries that liberals profess to admire. Try immigrating to Canada or Western Europe if you don’t believe it.

If an immigrant works hard, obtains citizenship and leads a good life but is later laid off and needs to collect welfare for a bit, that’s one thing. But when someone immigrates here and then immediately boards the welfare train, that is another — and it’s a problem that President Trump hopes to finally resolve.

For entire story: Conservative Tribune

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