Not that long ago, Americans were terrified of the idea of ‘homegrown terrorists’. After what we had experienced as a nation, the fear was everywhere that our next-door-neighbor could be building a bomb without anyone knowing anything about it.


After the 9/11, there was literally no punishment big enough to cast on terrorists and anyone who even tried to support their cause.

Nevertheless, as time went by, our nation seems to have forgotten these horrors and political correctness has convinced many people that this bloodthirsty religion that caused the loss of so many American lives is not something bad.

It even got to an extent when the previous President invited the leaders of these Islamic groups into the  country and into our lives.

According to the Conservative Daily Post

“…last Friday of the year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were raiding a home in Sterling, Virginia, a home inhabited by a person with a shocking connection to the Obama administration.

The home in Sterling, Virginia contained Sean Andrew Duncan, a Muslim convert who, according to the FBI and their affidavit, stated his intention to join ISIS in Syria (where they are currently being slaughtered). Sean Andrew Duncan also shared information on how to make a bomb with a woman who is currently in international custody.”

It probably isn’t exactly clear how this is connected to the Obama Administration. To explain, today, literally anybody with an internet access and some inclination towards physical violence can become a terrorist, but unfortunately there are even whole organizations, here in America that are encouraging and teaching Islam and the culture of the middle east. And one of these organizations  is run by a friend of Obama’s.

“It seems that Duncan moved to the D.C. area to associate with the Arabic-language program taught at the Fawakih Institute, based in Sterling. Duncan apparently loved the program so much that he gave testimonials about it and worked to raise funds for the program. Most interesting of all, one of the Fawakih Institute’s Arabic-language program’s top advisers is Mohamed Magid, who was a top Islamic adviser to the Obama administration.

Reportedly, as soon as the FBI officers served the warrant, he tried to get away, carrying with him a bag  that contained a USB flash drive he had destroyed. The FBI claims that this was an attempt of destroying evidence of his connection to the Islamic State.

It’s another victory for the FBI against Islamic Terrorism, but sadly it’s also yet another case of spreading radical Islam to young people with no Islamic background.

It might be politically wrong to say that Islam is a violent religion, however that doesn’t deny the fact that it’s the truth.  One would have taught that people who are connected with terrorism at least  wouldn’t be invited as guest in the White House, but Obama let all this happen under his nose. And who knows,  maybe he was in on it too.

Featured Image Source H/T : CDP

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