Ben Carson Made MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – It’s Happening

Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and he charmed the country with his underdog challenge for presidency. When he drop…

Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and he charmed the country with his underdog challenge for presidency.
When he dropped out, he became a key Trump ally.
The two men became close friends and are making America Great Again.
The liberals love to bash Ben as much as they bash President Donald Trump. They just can’t fathom a successful African-American who not only repudiates the liberal economic platform as it pertains to minorities, but he actually blamed these liberal policies for the poverty and despair gripping our inner cities.
According to our source, Conservative Fighters, the liberals don’t see Ben as qualified to run HUD, a key position in the war of poverty. But that’s what makes him the perfect choice. He has the experience and life knowledge without the bureaucracy or being beholden to an ideology that protects profit centers rather than protecting people.
Ben won’t sing his praises, but we will. We are going to help Ben announce that he has beat back the liberal opposition and has been confirmed as Housing Secretary. And shockingly, six Democrats joined the 51 Republicans that gathered to confirm Carson. After his gripping testimony and total devotion to the cause, we’re surprised that more Democrats didn’t vote for him, but this shows how respected and admired Ben is.
Ben will lead an agency with 8.300 employees and a budget of about $47 billion. The department provides billions of dollars in housing assistance to low-income people through vouchers and public housing programs.
“Ben is going to work with me very, very closely. And HUD has a meaning far beyond housing. If properly done, it’s a meaning that’s as big as anything there is, and Ben will be able to find that true meaning and the true meaning of HUD as its secretary,” Trump said.
That is the exact thing we need. We are a generous people, but our generosity has been abused not just by welfare cheats, but mainly by a bureaucracy that has become a source of jobs for thousands. No liberals will shake up this, “profit center” no matter the cost to the people.
Ben Carson will. And the people who rely on HUD will be some much better off.

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