Arizona Mother Accused of Sexually Abusing Children, Filming Abuse to Sell over Internet

An Arizona mother has been arrested and accused of molesting her two small children and filming the sexual abuse to sell over the Internet.

Keri Harwood, 28, was arrested after being served with a search warrant on Sunday, August 13, when police were alerted to the existence of the harrowing videos seen on the suspect’s cell phone, Fox 5 reported.

New River, Arizona, police were alerted when a witness said that Harwood allowed her cell phone to be used by another person. The witness said that the videos were then seen after Harwood unlocked the phone.

The witness also testified that it looked like a woman sexually molesting Harwood’s two young children in the videos.

The suspect faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and five counts of molestation of a child. No word on whether or not child porn charges will be added to the list. Police also say she molested the children on at least five occasions.

Harwood allegedly told police that she met a man online who began paying her to masturbate on a webcam and her actions only grew from that introduction into online porn production.

The suspect, who works at a Phoenix car dealership, also reportedly told police that she molested the children on video while her husband was at work.

Harwood faces a $150,000 bond but remains in prison.