America Just Sent Huge Message To Hannity, Liberal Media Shocked

Fox News host Sean Hannity is pretty loud about his support for President Donald Trump.

But, his unconditional support brought him many enemies.


And the enemies are? The liberals of course. They always get the opportunity to mock and humiliate anyone that supports and approves President Donald Trump’s ideas.

Hannity has been attacked in so many occasions, and he even faced fake accusations. The liberals tried to set up a fake story according to which he abused his female colleagues, but their story did not work. He threatened to hire the best attorneys in the country, and file charges against those who accused him.

According to our source, America Fast News, the liberals are after his show. Some advertisers have already removed their ads from his show, and that’s what the liberals wanted. They did the same thing to Bill O’Reilly. The former host was kicked out after the liberals pulled out a campaign against him.

Hannity might have more luck than his friend. Even though, they are trying to take him out of the show, he is becoming stronger than ever. His ratings have gone up, besides the fact that the liberals wanted the ratings to drop. That would have been a huge victory for them. The people like Hannity and his way of telling the truth. He speaks his mind and is not afraid to expose all the disgusting and terrible things the liberals did.

Hannity still dominates the cables. He is still on the top. He got the first position with over 3.3 million total viewers, which makes him much better than Rachel Maddow. When it comes to the key 24-25 demographic, Hannity had 677.000 viewers. Maddow and Carlson are behind him.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: America Fast News

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