ALERT: Ben Carson Issues Shock Charlottesville Statement

After the mess in Charlottesville, and the media’s completely biased association of all Trump supporters as racists, everyone could use the wisdom handed out by Housing & Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson.

Carson posted on Facebook in light of Charlottesville, saying, “Hatred and bigotry unfortunately still exists in our country and we must all continue to fight it, but let’s use the right tools…That is the likely outcome if we just learn to be neighborly and to get to know each other.”

The hatred and bigotry that exists are largely from the left-wing. Carson shared that his home was recently vandalized with anti-Trump phrases. His kind neighbors had cleaned up most of the mess before Carson and his wife returned home to see it.

Carson then shared a story about how one of his neighbors back in Maryland was misunderstood after putting up a Confederate flag. The other neighbors tried to shame the family, who did give in and removed their flag.

When Carson and his wife got to know the man behind the flag, they found that he was a kind individual. His neighbors would have realized that sooner if only they had talked to the man instead of shaming him.

Americans must stop painting people with the same brush simply because they work for Trump, or fly a Confederate flag. The Left, in particular, does this to the extreme and has no notion of the damage they are inflicting on the unity of this country.

Neighbor cannot stand against neighbor. It would be far more constructive if the Left would reach out and talk to those they harass, like President Trump, Carson, and all true freedom-loving people.

They would find that people are much more accepting than they expect. So, here’s a message for Leftists: ignore the media’s attempt to paint every Trump supporter–from Carson, to your own family members–as racist or evil people. Different political ideologies do not automatically accompany hatred and racism.

When the media isn’t stepping in to sensationalize and push George Soros’ stated goal of dividing America, we can see things clearer. The institutions once dedicated to truth are now dedicated to destroying Trump, and no one should be taking the media’s opinion on anything at face value.

Together, Americans can fight racism, but with the right tools, as Carson says. Pulling down a monument, driving through a crowd, destroying public and private property–none of these are the right tools.

Instead, the right tool is friendly dialogue and reaching out to those suspected to be an “enemy” when they truly aren’t. Americans have much more in common than they do in difference. True racists can only be found when there’s honesty about what racism really looks like–and it comes from the Left even more than it comes from the Right.

Americans should trust in God that this nation can overcome the forces that seek to divide us all. Americans will do it the way they have always overcome obstacles–by pulling together. The way in which Americans handle a crisis such as this will define whether this is an evolving nation, or a nation in decline.