Actress Diahann Carroll: ‘We’ve Never Had A President Like Trump And We Will Never Have Again In The Future, So Just Respect His Efforts For This Nation! Or Leave The Country. Do You Support Her?

President Donald Trump has made huge separation in Hollywood industry.


Different actors and actress started to include into politics, and offer their opinions about the current leader of the United States. In fact Hollywood is a gigantic enemy to our president. But as usual there are some wise individuals that understands what’s right for our country. Diahann Carroll came up with an interesting statement when it comes to our leader and his activities for the United States.

For over 50 years, actress and vocalist Diahann Carroll has been breaking barriers. She was the initial black lady to win a Tony for best actress, and the initial black lady to star in her own particular TV program — while not playing a house keeper.

As the title character in that sitcom, Julia, Carroll turned into the model for one of the first black Barbie dolls. These days, Carroll is still elegant, still headstrong and still able to turn heads with her appearance, and what’s more important she praised our leader.

Not long ago, she appeared on a TV show that was associated with modern fashion, but even there the Trump effect took a place. When she was asked about Trump’s activities as leader of our nation and everything that happened in our country so far, she came up with something amazing:

“I just can’t understand you people!” (she pointed her finger to Democrats)

“You DEMOCRATS scraping the bottom of the barrel to make our President Donald Trump look bad. If you just spend that time and effort to come up with a political solution our country would be a paradise.”

“Just leave him, he’s doing important changes to improve our country. We’ve never had a president like Trump and we will never have again in the future, so just respect his efforts for this nation!”

Donald Trump and Diahann Carroll know each other even since the 80s…


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